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We believe that a high quality of service in telemarketing is the best way to succeed not only for Call Center, but for any company. The key to obtain a proper effect is to listen to the customer and this is exactly what we do the best in our Polish Call Center.

By means of Satisfaction Survey such as Lost Business we will help you identify customers’ expectations and specialized telemarketing instruments CATI will provide you with data that will enable you to change present customers into real ambassadors of your brand.

Making Appointments will assure the increase of company’s income and the concentration of salesmen’s time on finalizing sales. Meetings made by our Call Center on the basis on telemarketing scripts prepared by experienced team will provide essential information about target company and decision-makers involved into buying process.

We offer you a wide range of services in incoming traffic. Thanks to our telemarketing operations customers receive answers to bothering questions without unnecessary delay.

We can provide not onlny polish speakers at very competetive hourly rate, but also services in other languages. Please consider BPO in Poland and contact us for details.



 sales +48 22 100 12 43

 e-mail zapytaniaccpro.pl

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