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Modern companies ever more often decide for outsourcing of part of work or whole departments and Polish market is the one where such practices are widely-applied.

Processes outsourcing is not only about reduction of fixed costs but also concentration of a company on key elements of business without concerns for negligence of other activities. An easy calibration facilities Call Center allows to lead both permanent and seasonal projects.

For small and medium companies we propose outsourcing of tasks for which it is not profitable to hire an additional employee or the one that are executed reluctantly.

Don't hesitate to send an inquiry not only if you are looking for a polish speaker,  polish recrutiment agency services or market research in Poland. 

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 Why outsourcing?

·        no fixed costs

·        no problems with recruitment and rotations

·        no supervision and training costs

·        realization according to best market practices

·        large scalability

·        concentration on core-business

·        measurability of results 

·        possibility of creating a healthy competition between two CC or CC and an interior department


 Utilizing Call Center Services


The majority of  companies opeating in Poland use one type of telemarketing in its activity. Having checked the effectiveness of Call Center on one area, decision-makers are able to pass on next activities to pursue thanks to obvious advantages of this instrument.


The following graph presents the most common telemarketing projects.


Use of telemarketing



We propose a complex telemarketing service which is not restricted to classic projects. We are flexible and we will adjust a solution to any customer’s concept of the project.

Making Appointments and Generating Sales Leads

Making Appointments and Generating Sales Leads

Well-organized company consists of entities with clarified goals, specialized in a specific scope of duties.


Thanks to pro-sales activities such as making appointments and generating leads salesmen may concentrate on establishing relations with already selected customers. They do not waste time on searching for a company willing to keep an appointment. As a result they make statistically more appointments which influence the sales result. Additionally, passing on this duty to an exterior entity enable to increase the concentration and specialization of sales department.Send a query.


Welcome Call

While signing an agreement, customer expresses specific expectations towards a product and a company. First contact with customer service is an important event which builds the company image in the eyes of a customer. An appropriate beginning of this process by means of telemarketing will enable a proper profiling of relation with a new customer and will result in loyalty and satisfaction from the contact with the company.


Customer Satisfaction Survey

Research shows that the elements which attract the customers are the quality of service or product, not the product price or brand. Where to acquire information concerning the customers’ perception of your company image? The analysis of information gathered from customers will let you intentionally manage their opinion connected with a product. Furthermore, it will decrease their rotation and increase income by means of Satisfaction Survey.

An experienced team of Call Center Pro telemarketers supported by advanced solutions CATI will carry out a professional analysis of collected data and identify the trends occurring in the customers’ perception ofyour company image.


We carry out simply research in the budget, available even for small companies as well as complicated ones, using instruments and statistical methods. Click and check.



Lost Business Survey

The bigger present customers base, the bigger assets base and the customer retention value. Repeatedly confirmed research suggest that customer acquisition is much more expensive than a retention of an old one. Additionally, according to a common rule 20% of customers generate 80% of the company’s income. What to do when a customer has already left us?

Here Call Center Pro looks for a value added in gaining the most complete information concerning the reason for resignation. Has sales service been on the highest level? Has the offer met the customer’s demands? What was a direct reason for resignation?


These are only some of the questions asked by our specialized telemarketers. CATI systems enable to carry out each research quickly and precisely. With experience it appears that the interlocutor will be sincere if the survey is carried out by a different person than the one with who he has been keeping in touch so far in the scope of contacts with the company.


Market Research and Business Intelligence

We provide key information for each sales department. Telemarketers reach proper persons, gain information about purchase plans on a given area and achieve contact details to the key ones. In this way salesmen receive a complete set of information which let them lead very explicit and effective activities towards specified target groups. We lead simple surveys as well as complicated CATI intelligence.


Call Center support enable salesmen to concentrate on sale by means of minimizing time spend on sifting the market.


Outbound Callcenter

Wake Up Call

Have you ever had in your resources customers who used to generate income, but for some time they have stopped benefit from your services without a specific reason?


In cooperation with your marketing department our specialized team will prepare an appropriate information for such customers that will bring them back as active customers of the company.



We conduct mass fax mailing campaigns. Such campaigns turn out to be the most useful in mass collecting orders projects where the customer expectation is to reach to the biggest group of customers.

Moreover, customers exactly know the product or they are obliged to use it.


Fax mailing is still more effective contact method than mailing dispatch that are escape recipients’ attention due to the amount of announcements they receive.



Voice Broadcast

Voice Broadcast may be used within competition service to motivate the crew or remind of payments. The cost of reaching to one recipient is very low.



Loyalty and Promotion Programmes Service

Would you like to propose your regular customers something special before the new sales season? Research show that conversion of conversation with a real consultant will be far more higher than communication within Voice Broadcast, post or e-mail.


Soft Debt Collection Services

According to research conducted by KRD less than 10% of companies have no problems with recovering debts in time. These statistics force companies to implement a determined debt collection policy. As Call Center Pro put the retention of the present customer in the first place. Activities that we carry our will let us remind our customers about approaching payment date in a professional way and with a guarantee of building good relations.


Outsourcing of this task will enable to reduce the stress weighs on accounting department and to separate the debt collection procedure from current activity of the company.


From the viewpoint of costs, sales by phone is one the most effective methods of reaching a customer. Commonness and confirmed efficacy of this sales channel cause that telesales is considered as something obvious and easy to perform. Nothing more misleading. Creation of appropriate sale concept, adjusting adequate procedures to the peculiarity of this channel and selection of an adequate team are difficult tasks demanding experience and specific knowledge. Our team will prepare for you a telemarketing project that will maximize long-term rate of return. We also possess developed action templates that enable to perform each sale.

Other Projects

We are looking forward to receive from you other ideas for telemarketing projects. We are flexible and our team will certainly find a proper concept to perform your order.

Multilanguage Service

Are you looking for orders outside the country? Do you already possess customers whose service requires language skills?

Are you looking for polish speakers, or polish recruitment agency?

Maybe you want to do business abroad and your are looking for decent market research in Poland and abroad?

Please consider the benefits of outsourcing.

Within Call Center structures we are able to provide telemarketing support for projects in popular languages (Polish, English, Russian, French, German) as well as in exotic or regional ones (Swahili, Urdu, Farsi)

 Our BPO offer is not limited to the languages mentioned above. 

CCpro Aiming Higher

From the level of services provided by telephone customer services strongly satisfied are only 7% of respondents.

Further 52% are rather satisfied. An average grade on a five-level scale where 1 is the lowest grade and 5 – the highest it amount to 3,4.*


 *Report the Power of Telemarketing VII

Why Telephone?

The most influencing on purchase by means of Call Center are factors connected with saving time, convenience of purchase and twenty-four-hour access to the offer