BPO Poland 

Modern companies ever more often decide for outsourcing of part of work or whole departments and Polish market is the one where such practices are widely-applied.

Processes outsourcing is not only about reduction of fixed costs but also concentration of a company on key elements of business without concerns for negligence of other activities. An easy calibration facilities Call Center allows to lead both permanent and seasonal projects.

For small and medium companies we propose outsourcing of tasks for which it is not profitable to hire an additional employee or the one that are executed reluctantly.

Don't hesitate to send an inquiry not only if you are looking for a polish speaker,  polish recrutiment agency services or market research in Poland. 

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 Why outsourcing?

·        no fixed costs

·        no problems with recruitment and rotations

·        no supervision and training costs

·        realization according to best market practices

·        large scalability

·        concentration on core-business

·        measurability of results 

·        possibility of creating a healthy competition between two CC or CC and an interior department


 Utilizing Call Center Services


The majority of  companies opeating in Poland use one type of telemarketing in its activity. Having checked the effectiveness of Call Center on one area, decision-makers are able to pass on next activities to pursue thanks to obvious advantages of this instrument.


The following graph presents the most common telemarketing projects.


Use of telemarketing



We propose a complex telemarketing service which is not restricted to classic projects. We are flexible and we will adjust a solution to any customer’s concept of the project.


Helpline has become an essential element of running a business in many sectors of economy. We propose free or partly-paid helplines 0-800, 0-801 and also Premium services Number.

Immediate solving problems and precise answering customer’s questions secure a real return from investments in telemarketing projects of this type.

A key stage in preparing a helpline is building an appropriate knowledge base which in the highest level will agree with the expectations of callers.


An integral part of such projects is building a transparent vocal menu IVR which automate and systematize the process from the customer viewpoint. 

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Secretariat fulfil the function of secretariat in companies were the amount of phones or queries is too little or circumstances do not allow to employ a dedicate person. Our qualified consultant will gather information from a caller and instantly pass them on to you. A caller will be surprised by the high level of service and company’s prestige will increase.
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Incoming Leads Service

In the era of growing popularity of publicity in the Web the speed of reaction for the request made by customers is ever more important. Our specialized telemarketers will call a potential customer and ask for necessary information for further service of query by sales department.


The average time of contact after filing a query in Poland is 48h. Thanks to outsourcing this process your potential customers will be served even in 30 minutes which is crucial for a contractor and goes to show a positive aspect in future cooperation with a company.   

 Inbound Callcenter


Maintenance Offer, Building Relation with a Customer, Anti-Churn

Due to competition and commonness of subscription services, it is vital for the company's policy to provide the customer with proper care during execution of the order, as well as with an adequately tailored offer in due time prior to the termination of the agreement.


Customer Service Office 

We propose complex service for your customers by outsourcing customer service office. Starting from giving information about a product through the completion of orders, service of active accounts, extension of a contract, cross-selling an up-selling to complaint and debt collection services.


Multilanguage Service

Are you looking for orders outside the country? Do you already possess customers whose service requires language skills?

Are you looking for polish speakers, or polish recruitment agency?

Maybe you want to do business abroad and your are looking for decent market research in Poland and abroad?

Please consider the benefits of outsourcing.

Within Call Center structures we are able to provide telemarketing support for projects in popular languages (Polish, English, Russian, French, German) as well as in exotic or regional ones (Swahili, Urdu, Farsi)

 Our BPO offer is not limited to the languages mentioned above. 

Customers Benefit

During the last 3 months about 70% of people made use of helpline, phone customer service offices or support service*

 *Report the Power of Telemarketing VII

Consumers' Opinion

Society consider CSO’s telephone workers as polite, willing to help and competent.* 


*Report the Power of Telemarketing VII